Fei Liang

Phd student

Fei Liang _ Applied Logic TU Delft

F.Liang@tudelft.nl | TU Delft / TPM / building 31 / room
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> G. Greco, F. Liang, A. Palmigiano, U. Rivieccio, Bilattice Logic Properly Displayed,
Fuzzy Sets and Systems (2018), doi:10.1016/j.fss.2018.05.007.

> F. Liang, M. Ma, Sequent calculi for semi-De Morgan and De Morgan algebras, Studia Logica, Volume 106(3):565-593, doi:10.1007/s11225-017-9755-7.

International journals
> F. Liang, The Semantics and Proof Theory of Tense De Morgan Logic, Studies in Logic, to appear, 2017.

Articles in refereed conference proceedings
> G. Greco, F. Liang, A. Moshier, A. Palmigiano, Multi-type display calculus for semi De Morgan logic, Proc. WoLLIC 2017, J. Kennedy, R. de Queiroz eds, pp. 199-215, 2017.


> F.Liang, G. Greco, A. Palmigiano, An infinitary display calculus for *-continuous action logic, in preparation.

> F.Liang, G. Greco, P.Jipsen, A. Palmigiano, A. Tzimoulis Algebraic proof theory for LE-logics, in preparation.