LORENTZ WORKSHOP 2016: Logics, Decision, and Interactions

Date: from 24 Oct 2016 to 28 Oct 2016
Venue: Lorentz Center

Scientific organizers
> Tommaso Flaminio (Insubria, Italy)
> Alessandra Palmigiano (Delft, The Netherlands)
> Marcus Pivato (Cergy-Pointoise, France)
> Elias Tsakas (Maastricht, The Netherlands)

Topic and aims
The proposed workshop focuses on the interaction and cross-fertilization between nonclassical logics, and decision theory, game theory and social choice. Decision theory, game theory and social choice (sometimes abbreviated as DGS) is a research area interfacing economics, social sciences, philosophy and artificial intelligence. The workshop aims at bringing together the following communities:
(a) logicians using nonclassical (algebraic, topological, order-theoretic, proof-theoretic and category-theoretic) methods;
(b) researchers working in decision theory, game theory and social choice.
Researchers in group (a) can benefit from the challenges posed by the formalization of problems in the area of DGS;
researchers in group (b) have only been exposed to a fragment of the available logical formalisms and techniques, namely to those pertaining to classical (modal) logic and model theory, and have largely not been exposed to the tools and results of researchers in group (a).
The many possibilities emerging at the interface of algebraic, topological, order-theoretic, proof theoretic and category-theoretic methods in nonclassical logics and decision theory, game theory and social choice open up very promising avenues within a novel interdisciplinary re- search area emerging in the past year.

Keynote speakers
> Pierpaolo Battigalli
> Franz Dietrich
> Joe Halpern
> Frederik Herzberg
> Brian Hill
> Alexander Kurz
> Enrico Marchioni
> Vincenzo Marra
> Prakash Panangaden
> Herakles Polemarchakis