LORENTZ WORKSHOP 2016: Unified Correspondence

Date: from 15 Feb 2016 to 19 Feb 2016
Venue: Lorentz Center

Scientific organizers
> Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
> Willem Conradie (Johannesburg, South Africa)
> Michael Moortgat (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
> Alessandra Palmigiano (Delft, The Netherlands)
> Nachoem Wijnberg (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Topic and aims
Unified correspondence is a very recent approach to the the well known Sahlqvist theory in modal logic, which has imported techniques from duality, algebra and formal topology and exported the state of the art of Sahlqvist theory to a wide range of logics including, among others, intuitionistic and distributive lattice-based (normal modal) logics, non-normal (regular) modal logics, substructural logics, hybrid logics, and mu-calculus.

This wealth of new techniques, results and insights is now ready to be put to use in the mathematical environments (both semantic and proof-theoretic) of logical systems which are suitable to address formalization problems in the target application areas of linguistics and management science. In fact, the logical work in both these fields already displays correspondence phenomena, albeit in an embryonic form.The aim of this workshop is therefore to foster new scientific collaborations among mathematical logicians using correspondence theoretic tools on the one hand and, on the other, researchers in linguistics and management science interested in applying logical methods.

Invited speakers
> Valentin Goranko (Stockholm, Sweden)
> Rajeev Goré (Canberra, Australia)
> Michael Hannan (Stanford, USA)
> Peter Jipsen (Chapman, USA)
> Marcus Kracht (Bielefeld, Germany)

> Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam)